It would be naive to believe that no man has ever had sex with an escort. In fact, all men do it occasionally or frequently depending on their situation and occasion. So, what’s all this hype about? Why exactly do all types of men insist on ringing their local Madame or getting them over the internet to come by? You might argue that men would be better off finding themselves a long-term girlfriend who might worth all the investment. But why do men still find it necessary to have escorts by their side? There are certainly a multitude of reasons.

Pricey adult escorts are good!
Not all men looking for escorts are horrible. Some are actually hot and will not have trouble finding a date. However, most of them look for escorts simply because they don’t have the time needed to find a date or go through the dating ritual for sex.

This is especially evident in traveling businessmen who never have time for dating. They can have escorts ”custom-made” specifically for them, say if they like long blonde hair in an evening gown and so on. Basically, they can have all types of escorts they have fantasized about.

An expensive escort will offer a beautiful representation, plus she will look pretty in the hands of a wealthy man. Yet again, the outcome is quite obvious rather than trying to reach for a kiss only to risk rejection. In other words, the motive and the ensuing action is clear-cut from the beginning.

Also, for the men whose professional life is the only life they have, the dough-loving damsel seem to be the best option available. Lawyers, doctors and scientists are in this category. These men don’t have time to go cruising in such for babes. So when the midnight hour comes, they opt for the only available option — giving a local escort a call.

The Beauty & the Beast
Some men generally aren’t lucky in this game called dating, why? Because they aren’t of a wealthy personality. These men tick off all items in the list of handsome men. They have everything that a good man can have. Unfortunately, their unsophisticated and abrasive personality will keep women resisting them depths away.

Finally, there’s the guy who has depths but lacks the badly needed physical attributes that women drool over. These men will typically have difficulty getting a conversation rolling with a beautiful chic, so they’ll just opt to get a sexy adult escort for the fun.

And the result is always sex!

There’s no condemnation
If you choose to set up yourself with a sexy escort, you are not a horrible creation anyway. Instead, you are the kind of guy who needs to be with someone at a particular time without undergoing the inconveniences of dating.

These men are often better off than certain men who will endure the lonely nights of watching pornography with a jar of Vaseline beside them.

Buyer beware
Don’t say that you’ll provide dinner while the woman of the night shall provide dessert. If you don’t take the time to get a woman who will love you beyond the price of $100-$3000 an hour, you will ultimately end up in a lonely place with no one to care for you.

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Why Do Men Use Escort Services?

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