Envy and rivalry between girlfriends are not uncommon . Often, a friend’s envy comes when you achieve something, but she just can’t get over it. It is truly difficult for her to do this.

In such situations, a friend correlates herself with you and understands that she is not doing as well as you. That she’s not that smart, successful, wealthy, and beautiful. She is very uncomfortable next to you. She feels that she is worse than you. It’s hard for her to endure. She cannot rejoice in your victories, ideas or opportunities like you. Often such people have a question: “Do I not deserve all this?”


You might say, “breaking up with her is her problem.” If you feel comfortable this way, of course you can do it, but if your girlfriend is dear to you, then this is not the right choice.Girlfriend's envy

1. Start by minimizing her annoying factors. Jealous of your success? Tell her less about it. Jealous of wealth? Don’t say how much the trip, bag, dress cost. That is, you should not demonstrate that your friend cannot afford
2. Also, you should not give your friend a gift by trying, in your opinion, to help her
3. If you go to a cafe, do not pay the bill for her – it really spoils the relationship … A friend against the background of you will feel even more insecure
4. To make you and her comfortable, try to choose places of rest that she can afford
5. Communication should be neutral. Talk about everything, just not about money or other material goods. Chat about childhood memories, discuss children, husbands, etc.

IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU themselves sometimes provoke envy, when it is too busy with themselves and build COMMUNICATING WITH GIRLFRIENDS WITH POSITION WHICH I am a good, successful, rich that can afford THAT MANY CAN NOT

In this article, I try not to evaluate or girlfriend, who is jealous, and not a friend who is envied. I AM TRYING TO SHOW YOU HOW AND BECAUSE OF WHAT IT’S HAPPENING.

THIS IS OFTEN BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE HARD TO UNDERSTAND THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS. First of all, learn to protect the feelings of the other. Try to put yourself in the place of another person, in our case, in the place of a friend who envies you. Remember that envy is a very destructive feeling and is often not controlled by the person. This is a mixed feeling that can lead a person into a state of passion and he can take actions that are not for your benefit. Do not provoke a person and do not brag to him about your achievements, unless, of course, these relationships are important to you.

Girlfriend’s envy

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